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Software developer with more than ten years of experience. Mainly using legacy technologies (read Cobol and the like), but willing since forever to work with other technologies such as .NET and/or Java. Any other is welcome too. I have been working with Cobol, SQL, UNIX, Oracle, IBM i-Series (AS/400), SAP/ABAP, I even used a bit of C and Python here and there.

While unemployed, I took a bunch of courses on platforms like Coursera, EdX, where I learned about and used languages like Java, C++, C#, Scala, Python, R (with Markdown), Ruby, SML (Standard ML), Racket (Scheme), OCaml, Haskell, and maybe a few others I don't remember right now. Does it mean I like programming ? Yes, it does.

The fields I worked are mainly banking, hence the Cobol experience. Right now, the field I am working at is Aeronautics, and weirdly enough Cobol is also here, with a bit of Java.

Technically, I am comfortable using a GUI (Eclipse, Visual Studio and things like that), and I am also very comfortable using a terminal (for example xterm, vim, locally or through an ssh connection if necessary). And anything in-between or "out-between" (I know this word does not exist...).

I speak English (fluently, I think), and native French.


Granada, Spain
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Software Developer @ Wazuh, Inc (Granada, Spain)
Sep 2018 — May 2019
Development and maintenance of C programs under Linux.
Software Developer @ Ingefor Consultores (Sevilla, Spain)
Nov 2016 — Ago 2018
Development and maintenance of COBOL programs with embedded SQL under IBM AS/400. Some Java programming involved using Eclipse IDE.
Intern @ Granaforma (Granada, Spain)
Ene 2011 — Feb 2011
Web programming with PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, SQLServer.
SAP HR Technical Consultant @ NorthGate Arinso (Granada, Spain)
Dic 2008 — Nov 2010
Development and maintenance of ABAP programs.
Programmer @ Flexol España (Granada, Spain)
Dic 2007 — Nov 2008
Development and maintenance of RPG programs under AS/400.
Software Developer @ Getronics España Solutions (Almeria and Granada, Spain)
Jul 2000 — Abr 2006
Development and maintenance of COBOL programs with embedded SQL under UNIX.
Software Developer @ Focal Ingénierie Nord (Paris, France)
Abr 1998 — Ago 1999
Development and maintenance of COBOL programs under IBM AS/400.

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