On October 10, participated in the inauguration of CETIC the ICTs center from the UGR, University of Granada, to offer a superb location and facilities to the ICT companies in Granada. The opening ceremony had the presence of the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Ms. Carmen Vela Olmo with the Rector from UGR and Vice onGranada, Don Francisco González Lodeiro, with mayor of the City of Granada and Honorary President of onGranada, Don José Torres Hurtado and the Delegate of the Government of Andalusia in Granada and Honorary Member of onGranada, Doña Sandra Garcia.

The building has been designed and built in response to the specific needs of TICC sector and is an important pillar of our onGranada initiative as it opens its doors with 14 companies TICC 12 of which are associated companies onGranada, enter these two Dutch companies implanted in Granada thanks to our efforts.

Congratulations to Don Jesús Chamorro, Deputy Rector for TIE and member of the Board of onGranada for this wonderful initiative and building improvement and consolidates the Granada Tech City. Its location is unbeatable as it near the ETSIIT School of Computer Science and Telecommunications and the CITIC ICT Research Centre of the UGR.

This is good news for Granada.

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