Two Dutch companies onGranada visit to see the benefits of locating their businesses in our Tech City. This visit was made possible by the efforts of the ETSIIT and its Director of Business Relations, Don Gabriel Macia.

These two companies are BI4 Group and Visualfabriq. BI4 Group is a company that develops web applications for the European market and Visualfabriq develops data visualization applications for large multinationals. They have offices in Amsterdam and Madrid.

Their representatives were able to visit the different buildings available, know the detail of our services «Soft Landig» we offer from our OTIP and through our partners such as the legal, tax, labor, but also translation services, assistance in location of homes or schools for children, support for the procurement of supplies, and especially our HR service for the selection and location of employees.

These technology companies looking to hire and profiles of highly skilled engineers, specialists in Python, Javascript and Big Data. Their leaders have told us surprise and satisfaction at the high level of existing candidates in Granada. This is further evidence of the enormous potential of Granada as a leading international technological city and the excellent work of the University of Granada, and in particular the ETSIIT, the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications.

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