We have been visited by the directors of the company xTouch, dedicated to the distribution and sale of mobile technology and, with only two years, has already managed to sell 100,000 devices per month in the Middle East.

Granada xTouch chosen as headquarters and starting point of its expansion in Europe and South America; in fact, Granada is currently the only European capital that has exclusive xTouch Store. Granada That commitment is also reflected in the support that the Asian company has shown the Granada On Tech City project, which has become part Tractor Platinum partner.

To demonstrate the commitment onGranada Tech City, visited our headquarters xTouch president, Jack Lee; CEO, Bruce Cheng, and Miguel Vazquez Mata, European Sales Director xTouch, which have been received by the secretary general of the CGE, Luis Aribayos, the secretary general of onGranada Tech City, Vito Episcopo, Deputy Employment and Provincial development, Maria Merinda Sádaba, and Deputy Rector of the University of Granada, Jesús Chamorro.xtouch02

XTouch executives have known in detail the spirit of onGranada Tech City, which aims to turn Granada into a technological city concerning national and international level as well as the latest developments with several ICT companies from countries like Germany, Holland Belgium and the UK, who have visited Granada in recent months concerned the advantages on Granada.

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