Partner with onGranada.

More than 600 companies can’t be wrong.

We want to count on you, so we give you 10 good reasons to join this initiative, which has demonstrated that with enthusiasm and effort we can obtain great achievements for the technology and biotechnology sector, in short, for your company.

  1. The only organisation that watches over and promotes the technological and biotechnological sectors in Granada and Andalusia, which has in its governing bodies all the administrations, universities, and executives.
  2. More than 600 associated companies that represent more than 45% of the sector’s turnover in Andalusia. Also, the turnover of our associated companies already exceeds 2% of Andalusian GDP, making it the largest Technological Cluster in Andalusia and one of the most important in Spain, recognised by the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness with the qualification of AEI Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora.
  3. – Our associated companies have obtained more than €6,000,000 in grants, subsidies, programs, contracts, and projects in recent years.
  4. – Fostering and assisting in the creation of more than 3,500 jobs for engineers and higher education graduates.
  5. – Intense activity in conferences, networking and themed events that have enabled us to generate thousands of meetings and professional contacts among our associated companies. Find all the details in our blog.
  6. – Collaboration agreements that offer significant advantages and discounts for our partners.
  7. – Membership of the CEM, CEA, AMETIC, EuroCloud, Cluster Andalusia Smart Cities, and ICTBiomed, among others.
  8. Representation before the local, regional, national and European administrations, as well as the most relevant business and sector organisations.
  9. Promotion of your company and services at a local, national and international level through our ambassadors program. More information here.
  10. – Our own Technical Office that provides value and assistance for the development of projects and the participation in contests and public tenders, as well as in seeking funding.

And many more incentives and services that are available to our partner companies which you can find in our latest annual report or in our executive summary.

But, perhaps the most important reason of all is that we want to count on you to support and participate in this exciting initiative, because we have proved that together we are stronger.

To confirm your participation or to receive more information, simply fill in the following form or send us an email at and we will get back to you. Otherwise, as always, I remain at your disposal for whatever you may need. We continue to work in and for Granada. All we are missing is you.

the largest cluster in Andalusia

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