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What is OnGranada?

onGranada Tech City is the brand that represents the Asociación Clúster Granada Plaza Tecnológica y Biotecnológica. It is an initiative of the CGE – Granada Business Confederation that includes among its members and governing bodies with:

Granada City Hall, Granada Council Office, University of Granada, Board of Andalusia, Granada Chamber of Commerce, ICT Business Associations – Andalusian, national and European Business Associations.

Its purpose is to locate technology- and biotechnology-based projects and companies in Granada and Andalusia, taking advantage of the major advantages offered by Andalusia in this type of industry, thereby boosting the local business fabric and creating quality jobs, as well as increasing the sector’s turnover.

onGranada aims to position companies in the areas such as ICT, Electronics, Biotechnology, Biotechnology, BioICT and Science and Technology applied to Health in a leading position at national and international level, as well as contributing to the development of Andalusia’s Technology Based Industry..

Board of Directors Structure

Don Francisco Cuenca Rodríguez

His Excellency the Mayor of Granada City Hall

Honorary President

Don Gerardo Cuerva Valdivia

President of the Granada Business Confederation


Doña Sandra García Martín

Representative of the Government of the Board of Andalusia in Granada


Don José Luis Alarcón

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of Granada


Doña Pilar Aranda Ramírez

Honourable Chancellor of the University of Granada


Don José Entrena Ávila

His Excellency the President of the Granada Council Office


Don Baldomero Oliver

Deputy Mayor Economy Delegate of the Granada City Hall


Don Luis Aribayos Mínguez

General Secretary of the Granada Business Confederation


Doña Ana Belén Palomares Bastida

Provincial Delegate of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science, and Employment


Doña Raquel Ruz

Employment and Commerce Councilwoman of the Granada City Hall


Don Antonio Alcántara López

Deputy General Secretary of the CGE


Don Vito Epíscopo Solís

RR. II Director at Trevenque Group

General Secretary

Don Joaquín Rubio Torres

Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of Granada


Doña Ana Muñoz Arquelladas

Congresswoman of Employment of the Granada Council Office


Don Jesús Banqueri Ozáez

Office Director of Research Results Transfer OTRI UGR


Don David Arroyo González

Member of the Board of Directors of the Granada Business Confederation


Don Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Pinto

Member of the Board of Directors of the Granada Business Confederation


Doña Monica García Heras

General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of Granada


Don Juan Ramón Olmos Vico

General Manager of Grupo Trevenque


Don Dionisio Torre Ramos

General Manager of Axesor Conocer para Decidir


Don Antonio Mingorance Gutiérrez

General Manager of Hefagra


Don Eduardo Haro Amate

Co-Founder & CEO of Nazaríes IT


Don Arnoud Krom

Co-Founder & CEO of Bi4Group


Don Javier Díaz Alonso

Consultant of Seven Solutions


Don Roberto Alvarez Ollero

General Manager of Solinsur Informática


Don Pablo Diaz Moreno

General Manager of Grupo Arelance


Don Antonio Vicent Pecharroman

General Manager of Mnemo


Distinctions and Awards

In December 2016, the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain granted us the qualification as AEI – Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora (Innovative Business Association), better known as Cluster, thus endorsing and certifying our journey, data, and the current situation of our organisation.

In July 2017, the success case of onGranada’s creation based on excellence and innovation in Granada was presented in Madrid at the Carlos III University.

In September 2017, in the VII International UIM-FLACMA Awards, in Caldas, Colombia, onGranada was awarded a special mention in the partnership category for the successful creation of an innovation-based ecosystem in Granada.

Soft-landing programme

  • Assistance in corporate, legal, fiscal and employment services.
  • Assistance in locating offices or buildings.
  • Assistance in locating employees and workers.
  • Assistance in contracting supplies.
  • Assistance in processing permits and licenses.
  • Discount agreements with service and supply providers.
  • Agreements with building and land owners.
  • Agreements with hotels for temporary stays.
  • Temporary offices, fully equipped for starting the activity.
  • Assistance in locating housing for displaced employees.
  • Assistance in locating schools and housekeeping staff.
  • Identification of financial aid and subsidies for implementation.

European Cluster Collaboration Platform

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is a space that has the objective of providing tools and services to Cluster-type organisations within the framework of the European Union, such as OnGranada.

The objectives of the ECCP are:

  • Boost networking to facilitate business opportunities and to find potential partners.
  • Development of collaborations between nations in Europe and outside the framework of the European Community.
  • Support the emergence of new value chains through Cross-Sectorial Cooperation.
  • Report on new Clusters development.
  • Improve the performance and increase the competitiveness of its members.

Digital Innovation Hubs

OnGranada leads and coordinates the Digital Innovation Hub in Andalusia. A Digital Innovation Hub is a unique regional structure so that any company can easily benefit from specialised support when it comes to understanding what digital technologies are, how are they impacted by them and how they can have access to them, as well as how to finance and boost the investments needed to tackle the digital transformation of the business.

The core element of a Digital Innovation Hub is a Competence Centre (CC), where the Hub plays a connecting role among all the regional actors involved. Thus, it could be said that in most cases the Competence Centre provides the so-called “Hard” technical infrastructure, while the Digital Innovation Hub focuses on the “Soft” infrastructure aimed at offering business services.

What is the role of OnGranada within the Digital Innovation Hubs? More information here